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We help Consultants, Thought Leaders, and Software Companies Build, Launch, and Scale Through E-learning and Educational Marketing
Your Very Own 
e-Learning / Educational Marketing Department
There's 3 ways we can help
Auditing, Planning, Strategy
We audit your existing course and marketing, and the plan you have for them.

And lay out a step by step plan to revamp and relaunch everything to get better results.
Execution / The Build
We take the idea and the plan, and execute, building entire e-learning programs (with capbilities to handle all sides of courses, including building the curriculum, lesson plans, engagement exercises, slide decks, LMS setups, video production)

All the assets that you need, whether you want to launch a course or a podcast.
Launch and Marketing
We create asset-focused launch plans and execute high-value educational marketing, including informational social media campaigns, lining up strategic partners, discovering and leverage existing audiences for promotional purposes, all with the end goal of delivering value to your new customers so that they deliver value to your company's bottom line.
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How Much Will Working With Us Grow Your Business?

Jenn Eker
  • Revamped the course to v2.0 and the students "loved it" when relaunched
  • ​28% reduction in refund rates (aka a massive increase in ROI)
  • ​Significant increase in user engagement / student completion rates
"Monetize Your Expertise was an absolutely amazing team to work with. From start to finish, our project and final product is a Level 10, outstanding quality that we are more than happy to offer to our students. Anyone looking to uplevel their products, USE this company. You will not be disappointed!"
 - Jenn


Blackjack Apprenticeship
  • Boosted conversions by 40%
  • ​Direct revenue increased by 35%
  • ​Opt-ins increased by 47% 
"Overall, business should do an additional $100k over last year."
 - Colin

Our Unique Process


AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Made $28,329 in the first five days
  • ​Earned $42K in the first six weeks
  • ​Has generated $8,000-$12,000 per month in income
  • ​Six figures in the first year 


7 Figure Technology Business
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”

  • Turned a pile of notes into a successful online course
  • ​Generated $18K with an email list of just 283 people
Meet Your World-Class E-Learning Team
MYE Founder
Course Marketing & Copywriting
Project Manager
Gabrielle Chipeur
Instructional Design Professional and LMS Expert
Sales and Marketing Specialist
MPA, Instructional Design and Technology (M.A.)
Course Content Development
Project Manager
Admin Support
Gabrielle Chipeur
Brand Identity
Course Visual Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Course Visual Graphic Design
"Your team is the best I've ever worked with...better than any other service provider I've worked with. I have loved working with each person in your organization. How do you find such great people?!"
- Jenn
Still have doubts that we can help?
Listen for yourself to what Mark had to say about working with us:
“Grant and his team have been very, very good - I won't lie. I'm impressed with their work. They've nailed every project I've put in front of them.”

Peter Shankman

NYT Bestseller, speaker, host of FTN Podcast
“The project plan that you developed was most impressive. I love the ‘Learning Gaps’ that were identified!”

Dr. Valachi

Clinical Instructor, Author
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