How to grow your business with eLearning
Leveraging online courses in the growth of your brand
So you want to build an online course...
In the past 20 years or so, a powerful force has swept through homes and workplaces all over the world, changing the way people engage with their work and how they pursue learning. The eLearning industry has grown a staggering 900% since the year 2000 and it’s not surprising to see why. 

Top companies such as Shell, Coca-Cola, Paypal, Walmart and countless others, have invested in some form of training technology to provide their employees with an innovative way to expand their skills.

But let’s start from the beginning. 

The 'what' and the 'why' of courses
An online course refers to a set of learning material that is delivered to students digitally, without the need for attending a class or college or having face-to-face meetings. 

It enables instructors to share their knowledge with far more people than they normally would in class or workshop environments. On the other hand, it enables students to access information easily, pursue their interests and expand their skills in their own time and at their own pace. 

There is an incredible variety of platforms and courses out there and the industry has boomed and continues growing as more companies discover the benefits of online courses and eLearning. 

Experts from a wide range of industries have found having online courses exceptionally beneficial. Online courses, combined with your more regular forms of outreach and expertise, are a great way to fuel your business’ growth. 

You might not imagine the new opportunities that such a way of communicating can offer you, but trust us, they’re worth pursuing. Not to mention that online courses have proven to be efficient drivers of growth and revenue for businesses if they are done right. 

Just to present a few examples of industries and types of companies that are using eLearning and online courses and greatly benefit from them:
  • Training/workshops: conducting training sessions or workshops means you often have to travel and meet small groups of people each time. An online course means you can present your knowledge to a wider audience without having to physically meet them.
  • Sales training/Real Estate training: for businesses that rely on human capital and deal with complex situations, training is essential. They constantly need to train their employees and online courses are a very innovative and efficient way to do that. 
  • ​Leadership training/Management and Business consultants: business is a field that constantly evolves and managers are always looking for ways to be at the top of their game. With online courses, consultants can offer their services in a much more effective way to even more people, instead of just having one-to-one meetings and training sessions. 
  • Speakers: being a speaker and/or author means your expertise is highly sought after. But you are just one person and your time is limited. With an online course, you can expand the limits of what you can offer to your audience exponentially. 
The eLearning difference
Online courses offer great benefits both for instructors and students. Compared to traditional learning settings such as classrooms, eLearning requires 40%-60% less time and has increased retention rates by 25%-60%. 

In workplace settings, 42% of companies  observed that their revenues have increased due to eLearning, whereas companies that use eLearning programs enjoy an 18% boost in employee engagement. 
All in all, eLearning helps increase productivity and revenue, while also helping companies save money and keep up with trends and developments in their industry. That means they become more competitive and achieve better results by investing in their employees’ growth. 

From the instructor’s side, having an online course means you can save time and present your expertise to even more people, driving growth and recognition for your business. More specifically, businesses that include courses getting 31-40% of their revenue from online courses, making them their second top source of income. 

Have a look at Tung Tran’s case study to read how he used an online course to generate an extra 42k in income in the first 6 weeks after his course was released (and over 100k in its first year!)

So say you decide that you want an online course for your business and you don’t want to be left behind from this important development. How do you go about building it? 
What’s stopping you from building an amazing online course? 
Having a good idea and implementing it successfully are often two completely different matters. That's  the reason why not everyone is making millions of dollars a year with six pack abs. Good things take good work.

And in the case of online courses, this couldn’t be more accurate. As we’ve outlined above, there’s a clear benefit for incorporating online courses into your business. However, there are so many subpar training materials and courses out there, that they end up damaging the brand they are supposed to be supporting. 
Not doing a course at all might be better than rolling out a mediocre plan that will likely not perform very well. As a business person, you know well enough that to succeed you need hard work and perseverance, whether we’re talking about pursuing clients or conducting a social media or marketing strategy. It’s the same with online courses. 

To create a successful and rewarding online course takes a lot of work and in many cases, businesses start working on them only to despair and give up halfway through. 

But you don’t need to despair or think of it as an insurmountable obstacle. Just remember that the skills needed to create a great online course are separate from your expertise on the topic covered in the course. 
That’s why we’re here. If you decide that you want to grow your business with a GREAT online course, don’t hesitate to book a call with our team. We will discuss how we can showcase your expertise in the best possible way and reach a wide audience through the eLearning platform. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to pursue your online course creation journey on your own, check out this case study about how one client's course was profitably launched with only a 283 person email list, and this case study about how one client successfully monetized his existing blog to earn a new full-time income stream. These case studies document some of the key steps taken in some of our course projects to drive great results for our clients. 

You will find insights and information about the course creation process based on our experience working on more than 100 course projects over the past 6 years. You can learn what works, and how you can apply the lessons learned in your own business. We’ve worked with companies in industries ranging from management consulting to investment to healthcare and have seen first hand the benefits online courses can bring. 

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