CASE STUDY: Nigel Moore
How We Turned Nigel’s Pile Of Notes Into A Profitable Online Course
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A lot of clients come to us with 2 concerns in the back of their heads:
1. I don't have a massive audience, so if you build this course for me I am anxious about what happens next
2. I have a million ideas and am not really sure where to start or what to focus on for my course - maybe I should figure this out first?

If either of those sounds like you, definitely keep reading.

This case study is about our project with Nigel Moore, who fit both of these criteria before working with us. And then after working with us, he had a succinct, focused course (that we honed in on with him) and launched it profitably with only 283 people on his email list. 

Like many experts & business owners, Nigel was enthusiastic about the idea of creating an online course for his audience, but was struggling to get the ideas out of his head and into reality.  

By the time he came to us for help, he’d already wasted a whole year and a lot of money trying to learn how to build it himself, and all he had in front of him was a big pile of jumbled notes. 

But shortly after coming to us, Nigel had a ready-to-go, high quality course that generated $18,000 of annual memberships from his initial soft launch. 

Read on to find out how.
Who is Nigel Moore
Nigel is a tech entrepreneur. He built and sold a successful technology business, then started teaching and coaching people about building and running technology businesses of their own.
Of course, there are only so many hours in the day, and Nigel wanted to make the best use of time and resources to reach as many people as possible and maximize his profits.

So rather than spending long hours working 1 on 1 with people (and only being able to reach a few at a time) he decided to take all his hard-won expertise and turn it into a course. He was extremely excited about it, but soon found it was easier said than done.
It turns out, building a course isn’t easy
Nigel is an expert in his field, so naturally his huge body of knowledge turned into a mountain of notes and ideas. 

Being an entrepreneur and problem solver, Nigel felt inspired and went at it round the clock, determined to forge the course for himself. 

By his estimate, he spent something like 5,000 hours working on the course and invested $50k during the process. At the end of it he had learned a lot about courses but was actually no closer to having anything solid to show for it - if anything, he was more confused than when he started! 

One of his obstacles was one that we see every day - he actually knew too much! That might sound counterintuitive, but often the more of an expert you are, the harder it is to build a course (although most people assume the opposite is true). And on top of that, the knowledge and skillset of course-building is completely different than expertise about the TOPIC of a course. 

You might know everything about tech businesses, but do you know instructional design? How to build a course curriculum or lesson plan? How to design awesome course slides? How to give a compelling presentation of the content? How to edit the videos?

You often hear about courses and how they are a great way to generate revenue, leads, and even "passive income". But to be honest, unfortunately people who are trying to convince you that you should build an online course tend to make it sound far easier than it is.
Why is building a course harder than you think?
First off, there are a lot of different way to build an online course (read this guide to learn more about how to decide which course creation process is right for you.

Because the more you’ve become an expert on a particular topic, the harder it is to 1) break down everything you know into something other people can learn from in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them, and 2) the harder it is to remember what it’s like to be a beginner, and therefore the harder it is to actually help teach people who are at a lower level than you. 

What often happens is people inadvertently begin to teach people at their own skill level. They cram everything they know on a particular topic into a course, often in a semi-disorganized way, which just serves to confuse those who are relatively new to a topic (ie. those who actually need the teaching the most). 

At the very least, when you go to build a course, I highly encourage you to teach someone new to the topic as a way of starting. This will help you understand where you need to start, where they get stuck or confused, where you accidentally skip important ideas, etc.

Nigel found all of this out the hard way. Feeling disorganized, overwhelmed and desperate, he turned to us to build his online course for him. 

Turning a ‘pile of notes’ into a profitable course
The first thing we did was to listen to his story, and go over all his notes. Right away we could see that, just like most of our clients, he had a million ideas but no idea where to start. He wasn’t sure how to structure it, and was really stuck on what topics to cover and what to leave out. 

As an expert, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your audience needs to hear everything you know, but this is rarely true. Your impulse will be "ok how can I cram into this course everything I know? I want to make it as valuable as possible!"

When building a course, you need to focus on what your audience actually needs, not what YOU think they need. It’s easy to geek out about all the cool things you know about your topic, that make you feel ‘interesting’ and excited to share. But instead it’s better to stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself: 
  • What kind of outcome am I trying to help my customers achieve?
  •  What is their starting point?
  •  What are the essential steps for getting from point A to point B?
  •  What are their major sticking points that you really need help with?
Teach people what they actually need (not what YOU want to teach)
  •  Extract the knowledge from his head (including 27 hours of 1-to-1 on the phone)
  •  Boil all that knowledge down to the most potent & useful 20%
  •  Create a logical structure, including a curriculum and individual lesson plans
  •  Build hundreds of beautiful, custom-designed slides and modules (like this)
  •  Create his videos and bonus course materials, including PDFs, worksheets and exercises 
  •  He recorded the voiceovers (based on the lesson plans we built)
  •  Turn all that content into a cohesive, high quality video course
Let’s look at a specific example of how this plays out when a lead generation expert tries to create a course.

When preparing the lessons, it is tempting for the expert to try to present something epic and all-inclusive, like ‘
Here are ALL the different ways to do lead generation!’. On the surface it seems like a good idea, but in reality this would frustrate and overwhelm people, particularly the beginners (who are the ones that need the teaching the most and are most likely to be willing to pay for the course). 

A better approach would be to teach "t
he top 1-3 lead generation methods for your business and the most important things you need to know about them". The message would be "don’t worry about the other methods, or random peripheral details - just focus on what we teach you here, and trust that it’s the fastest and most efficient way to succeed"

Initially this might sound like you are doing a disservice to your customers by holding back information, but actually it is the opposite. One of your roles as the expert / teacher is curate information. 

This means that a major part of your value proposition is
deciding what is not essential. The learner doesn’t have the time, resources or ability to filter all the possible information on lead generation. They need you to show them what is important and and what is not. Essentially, they are paying you to give them the shortcut to success. 

So dumping your entire wealth of knowledge on them in one hit would actually leave them more confused and overwhelmed than when they started. 

[As a side note: the book
Essentialism is absolutely amazing and talks a lot about this kind of perspective] 

So how to decide what’s essential and what’s not?
Having built out hundreds of courses across different topics, my team of course experts has developed a solid system to identify and extract the most useful 20% of any expert’s knowledge. We choose the best information to help the audience and course creator achieve their goals, then organize and present it in a logical way.  

This is one of the biggest hurdles that almost every expert faces when trying to build a course for themselves, and in this case we stepped in to help Nigel before he invested even more time and money just going in circles. 

How to build a better course in 12 weeks (not 12 months)
In a short time, we created straightforward, 3-module course. The course has only a fraction of the content Nigel originally wanted to cover, but we intentionally boiled it down to the most potent and useful parts, by cutting everything that was unnecessary. 

Just as Nigel is the expert in his area, we are the experts in course building. Our entire focus is dedicated to helping create high quality courses, and we have developed a proven system to get it done really well and really fast. 

Our dedicated team jumped into action, and in under 2 months we helped Nigel:
When he launched, he sent a membership offer to his beta list of only 260 people and it turned into an $18k a year recurring business right off the bat.
Without any promotion or PR, Nigel got 32 sign ups, paying him each and every year to learn from his expertize.
Next up Nigel plans to do a full launch of his course, and expects to make 6 figures. And by the end of the 1 year date from his initial launch he projects that this will be a million dollar business. 
Here’s what Nigel thinks about our services:
“Freaking amazing service! I 120% believe that. I wholeheartedly recommend Monetize Your Expertise!”

He goes on to say: 

“If you're an expert in something (maybe written a book, or have a blog, or are a speaker) and are looking to increase your impact, influence and reach - then hook up with the MYE guys so they can build you up a world class course that will extend your brand and allow you to impact more people with your message than you ever thought possible.” 

You can see more here.

Can you benefit from building a course?
In our experience, the majority of experts and business owners have a huge body of knowledge that could make them a lot of money... if only they could organize and present it clearly.

The problem is, when they decide to create it themselves, they struggle:

  •  They know nothing about creating online courses
  •  They don’t know what to include and exclude
  •  They don’t know how to structure their course
  •  They don’t know how to organize course lessons and modules
  •  They don’t know where to start creating content
  •  They don’t know how to create graphics, video and copy
  •  Or, even more importantly, it doesn't matter if they know any of these things, because they don't have the time to do it and do it well
Does this sound familiar to you?

We’ve seen it time and time again - trying to scramble to throw together a course, packing every piece of knowledge into it in an ad hoc manner. You think that’s the best way to go, but actually it’s impossible and you quickly end up feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed.

The truth is that being too knowledgeable on your topic often means it’s hard to get a perspective - to "zoom out" and understand that beginner's mindset of the people you will be step away from the ins and outs of the topic (that you most likely love thinking about) and think about the online course side of things.  

That’s where Monetize Your Expertise steps in - we’re the experts in course creation, just like you’re the expert in your field.

Through many years and building tons of courses in a whole bunch of different industries, we've built a team that knows how to create fantastic courses every single time, on just about any business (or personal development) related topic.

Why spend years trying to build an entirely new and difficult skillset, when you probably just want that course to be finished already. You can just pay us to do it for you - faster, systematized and to a higher quality than you can produce yourself. 

Whether you’re an: 
  •  Author
  •  Speaker
  •  Consultant
  •  Service Business Owner
  •  Teacher / Professor
  •  Coach
  •  Industry Expert
  •  Thought Leader
… we’ll help you turn your ideas and knowledge into an online course that will benefit your audience and will help you grow your brand and business.

Here are some final thoughts from Nigel on working with MYE
“These guys can pull an online course out of all the stuff you have floating around in your head. The team have the same values as us and believe in Small Business. The competitors were all about enterprise course creation (which means they had zero clue how to put together a course that offered real value to real people).” 

If you think building a course could benefit you and your audience, then we’d love to help you create it. 

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