Different Course Styles
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Mind-Blowing Courses
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Why Is John Dancing?
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Great educational content comes in all shapes and sizes, 
based on what is right for YOU!
We optimize our approach for your brand style, industry, and preferences

Talking Head Style Courses

Voiceover Slides Courses

More than just course videos
We build interactive engagemenet elements (EEs),  like workbooks, cheatsheets, swipe files, quizzes, webinars, e-learning certificates / badges, and more:
Knowledge-check quizzes, calulators, resource guides, and other course bonuses:
Course website (LMS) development and landing page designs:
Have 100% confidence in your new eLearning team, 
just like Mark, Leah, and Marla
You're off to a great start !

And that’s it! In just a few hours of your time we outline exactly what you want to build and how, and then we get to work producing it for you while you move on to more important uses of your time. After 1-3 months (depending on course length) we come back to you with the final product. You are free to have as much or little involvement in the process as you'd like.